Valade Bernard

Bernard Valade is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences – Sorbonne (Paris Descartes University), Member of the Editorial Board of the magazine Hermes (CNRS) and of the journal Histoire de la recherche contemporaine (CNRS). His sociological works explores

Peloso Celina

Doctoral student in Ethnology at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Interdisciplinary Laboratory Stories Cultures Societies, EA-3159), she is preparing a doctoral thesis on political socio Dynamics observed in the context of statutory transition from the French part of Saint Martin

Gordien Ary

Ary Gordian focuses on the political impact of the process of collective identification in Guadeloupe. Starting from the analysis of discourse and traditions "reinvented" referring to "culture", "race" or "ethnicity", he seeks to capture the different forms of community awareness